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Recommended Products

The products on this page have been tried/tested through our experience and have proven to be the most effective for treatment purposes. All of our recommended products are available within our clinic*. Unfortunately we do not sell or accept payments for these products through our website.



Wild Tiger Balm is an 'over-the-counter' medicine for joint/muscle pain relief. Originating from the Far East, Tiger Balm has recently become more recognised in the western world for its analgesic, deep heat/cold properties. It is very similar to deep heat/deep freeze in that it gives you the sensation of warmth followed by cold - ideal to massage into painful tendons.



Elasticated Bandages are a very efficient way to strap up injuries such as ankle sprains. In simple terms, they are much like tubi-grip but allow you to be more specific with their positioning for optimum joint support. Each roll comes equipped with its own set of clips to hold the bandage firmly in place. Please note that some of these rolls (depending on brand) may contain latex so please be aware if you have any such allergies.



Hot/Cold Packs are very useful for thermal therapy. Contrasting hot and cold can significantly reduce chronic pain and abnormal sensations in old injuries. Cold therapy can assist to reduce swelling whilst hot therapy alone can promote soft tissue healing. This pack can be cooled in the freezer or warmed up in hot water. It comes with an insulated glove. Please ensure your sensation has been tested prior to purchasing one of these.



Joint Supports are available in different sizes and variety. Joints include wrist, elbow, ankle and knee. The major advantage of any kind of joint support is that its likelihood of moving during activity is low and hence maintaining good support throughout. The disadvantage to supports is that they are not specific to your particular joint injury - they are very generalised and cannot offer the specificity that elastic bandages can.






*All products are subject to availability and branding may alter accordingly. Images used for illustration only. It is the responsibility of buyer to ensure they (or anyone they are purchasing for) have no allergies to the above products.

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